The Child Abuse Prevention Endowment Fund

What is an endowment fund?

​An endowment fund is a method of pooling gifts and donations together to generate interest and dividends, which are then available as a long-term sourceof income for a particular purpose or cause.

An endowment fund has the advantage of providing some funds now while at the same time setting some funds aside to grow and appreciate so that even more funds are available in the future

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is and every parent can use help and support.

The CAP Fund supports programs that prevent child abuse and promote healthy development of children by working directly with parents and caregivers. By helping parents learn to parent positively, secure community services and use support as needed, we are helping to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect.
Despite the fact that so many people agree that child abuse and neglect is a devastating problem there is little money available for programs that engage families before any child is harmed. 

A need for local support for prevention programs will always exist.

About the CAP Fund

The Child Abuse Prevention Endowment Fund for Calhoun County, Inc. is a 501©3 nonprofit organization.

It is a Field of Interest Donor Advised Fund called the Child Abuse Prevention Fund Endowment for Calhoun County at the Battle Creek Community Foundation, Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Every donation is put into the CAP Fund will produce income for programs forever!

Send checks to:
Attn: CAP Endowment Fund
Battle Creek Community Foundation 

32 W. Michigan Ave, Suite 1,

Battle Creek, MI 49017-3505